In the mountains above the village of Uzumlu approximately 700 meters above sea level archaeologists discovered the remains of an ancient Roman settlement with ruins dating back to the 5th century BC.

At the entrance to the site there is a circular path marked out with stones which will guide you around the ancient city. There are four Lycian rock tombs located near the entrance. Three of them built in the IV century BC. In the fourth tomb on the south side you can see the figure of a man sitting on a couch. On the north side there is a figure of a rider with a spear and shield and in the north entrance to the Acropolis you will see ruins which belonged to Doric temple. Next to it there is the bath built during the reign of the Roman Emperor Vespasian. On the hillside where the city is located you can find a small theater where parts of the theater are well preserved. The 900 meters long foundation was laid at the center of the city from east to west. It is believed the stadium was built here and this is confirmed by a lot of written evidence found during the excavations which describe the athletic festivals that were held there. As you walk around you will

notice there are numerous pedestals for sculptures of athletes located in the vicinity of the stadium.


Here is a quote by famous Turkish author Cevat Sakir author of the 'Fisherman of Halicarnassus'.

"Take a blind man to Lycia and he will immediately know from the smell of the air exactly where he is. The perfume of lavender, the pungent fragrance of wild mint and thyme will tell him."


Kadyanda is known as the last city to join the Lycian Union.

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